Yoga with Kyra Anastasia

Yoga is an ancient science proven to improve one’s health.

If you suffer from body aches and pains, anxiety or simply want to reduce stress, this is the perfect practice for you. With over two decades of personal study, practice and fifteen years of teaching full time, I can be a helpful and supportive guide dedicated to both the physical and mental practices of yoga. I’ve seen a myriad of benefits in my own life and the lives of thousands of students and would be honored to share the journey with you!

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Group Classes

Yoga is a great way to bond together as a group! Group classes can be held for family, kids, employees, birthday, bachelor/bachelorette or wedding parties. Studies have shown that people that exercise together have better relationships and a more positive outlook on life. If moral is down or your friends/family feel disconnected then get them moving and breathing together in order to improve their personal health and relationships. When we practice together its also more likely that we will commit to a daily/weekly practice and take on other healthy habits.


Studio Classes

Her classes include vinyasa flow for students at all levels of practice, and her signature candlelight classes help students relax, breathe and energize their spirits. Kyra wants everyone to experience the life-changing components of yoga; she shows students that gratitude and compassion can help us love our lives, ourselves and everyone around us.

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Private Classes

Are you new to yoga? Going to a yoga studio can be intimidating. We can work together in the privacy of your own home where you feel comfortable and safe. Our initial lessons will be to learn basic breathing, meditation and beginner yoga poses.
Subsequent sessions will focus more on alignment and creating a sequence you can practice at home on your own.

If you have already immersed yourself in the practice, but want to gain more knowledge, we can work together to improve your skills. Working one on one is a great way to re-learn the basics while fine tuning poses to your individual needs or body type. No two yoga students are built the same and a few private classes can help take your practice to another level. Specific attention will be paid to personal needs such as injuries, fears or interest.

A minimum of two 90 minute privates recommended $300*
*Price may increase depending upon location/travel time

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What really kept me returning was Kyra’s Candlelight Yoga class. Her classes have the best energy and I always leave with a smile on my face! Kyra radiates warmth and positivity and motivates us all to discover our inner strengths and try new poses. Her classes are the perfect balance of fast-paced flow and relaxing meditation, always leaving me feeling invigorated and refreshed. I feel truly honored to be able to practice with her and would highly recommend her classes to anyone!

Arielle M.

Every class with Kyra is an irreplaceable experience. Her class takes you on a journey that no other yoga class ever has or ever will. In every class, Kyra’s remarkable spirit radiates out of her and impacts every student. The way she spreads her compassion, gentleness, playfulness, mindfulness, joy, peace and love is downright inspiring!

Katie T.

In the 20 years that I have been practicing Yoga and mindfulness meditation, and having taken many classes in different areas of the United States, I wholeheartedly believe that Kyra Anastasia is the most incredibly mindful, dynamic Yoga instructor I have ever had. She is living her practice with wonder and shares that with you in her knowledge not just with the physical aspects (asanas) of Yoga (which can be a challenge in itself) but intertwined with genuine wisdom and compassion. Kyra will inspire you to find that in yourself, each other, and to really be present in the wonder of life. There is some kind of unexplainable dance that she facilitates where she asks you, with empowerment and integrity….to really show up in the Yoga practice, and through that, invites you to be an intelligent healer, beautifully vulnerable, brave, and liberated whenever you are ready to receive it. Those that really want to do the true work and begin to live the dance on and off the mat, she’s the one to see. She’s the real thing folks! Thank you Kyra!!!

Ana Lisa C.

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