Would you like to bring your life into greater balance?

Ayurveda is the ancient science of balancing your self and your lifestyle with your environment.

Daily life can be challenging and we need practices that offer support so that we can live our life to the fullest with abundant energy and enthusiasm.

If you have difficulty sleeping, staying focused or maintaining energy it could be that your diet or daily practices are causing an imbalance. It’s essential that we take a look at your daily routine, digestion and personal routine/habits and make changes now that may be throwing you off or could lead to more serious health concerns.

Through a thorough examination (including pulse, tongue and health history questionnaire) we will determine your biological energy (also known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and where any imbalance may have emerged. Once we have established the nature of the imbalance we can then create simple and easy solutions that will be easy to implement yet make a tremendous impact in your future.

Some of the solutions may include…

  • Creating a daily schedule
  • Tweaking your diet to match your Doshic Type
  • Adding new routines to restore balance
  • Possibly adding a few herbal supplements (once you’ve consulted with your Dr.)
  • Establishing an understanding and appreciation of what makes you YOU.

All consultations are intended to support and guide you to finding harmony inside and out.

Clients who have chosen to work together consistently and do monthly check-ins find that by adjust their routine, according to lifestyle and seasonal changes, optimal balance can be achieved and maintained.

Kyra Anastasia’s Ayurvedic consult has helped me tremendously with only one session so far. It was stunning to see how she discovered my Doshic type by simply checking my pulse and tongue.Very stunning! At the same time Kyra gave me tips on how to implement Ayurveda in my daily life. She gave me a few things to do so that I would not be overwhelmed by changing everything right away and it worked! I am doing my little Ayurveda rituals each day and am fascinated that it is working. I see changes in my body already after only a few weeks! I am looking forward to my next Ayurveda session with Kyra very soon!


Kyra’s Ayurvedic consultation was immensely helpful! I was feeling generally lethargic until I began eating more spicy food, practicing Vinyasa yoga and eating less cheese. I feel more balanced and generally more in line with my self. Thanks Kyra!

Justin W.

Kyra’s comprehensive knowledge of Ayurveda has shifted my ability to take care of myself in the throes of an extremely busy schedule. She has taught me about proper diet and daily habits that have given me more energy and a greater sense of well-being.


Individual Consultations

A minimum of three 45 minute consultations $300*
*Consultations can be done in person or by phone
Kyra, thank you so much. You are amazing at what you do and have a very special gift. I actually had a family meeting last night and discussed what my “new path” entailed and what all we spoke about and everyone is on board and as excited as I am. My dad’s exact words were ” I’m so glad you found her”.

Courtney H.

Following Kyra’s recommendations I reached my ideal weight, my energy increased, and my overall sense of well being improved.

This is the best I’ve felt in 5 years!

Barry C.

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