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Kyra Anastasia’s personal yoga journey spans over two decades. She’s committed to helping others learn how to strengthen and heal their bodies and minds in a supportive, joyful environment. Kyra’s teaching fosters a sense of community where people gather to explore, play, reach, go within, and connect with others.

Her classes include vinyasa flow for students at all levels of practice, and her signature candlelight classes help students relax, breathe and energize their spirits. Kyra wants everyone to experience the life-changing components of yoga; she shows students that gratitude and compassion can help us love our lives, ourselves and our fellow travellers.

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Kyra is dedicated to helping others thrive through yoga, meditation and holistic nutrition. You can find more information on Private Consultation, Holistic Nutritional Counseling, Yoga Retreats, and Wedding Ceremonies, and view her Bio and by clicking on the above links.